Month: October 2010

The Week’s Silence

In the coming week, you may not find any new posts from me because I will be going on vacation. And I think I do need a vacation right now because I got more stressed after finding out yesterday that our reservation in the place we should be staying in was never reserved. It is […]

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The Need For Work Gloves

I have never had any need for work gloves because I work in the I.T. industry but I can recall an almost bad experience a friend of mine did when she forgot to bring with her her work gloves and decided to continue doing work even when he was required to do so to protect them from the work they do. His last comment was that he would never do his work again, not unless he has with him his work gloves.

Work gloves vary according to specific needs and purposes but the main point of it all is safety and protection. Magid Glove sells the best value working gloves catered to different needs. If you use work gloves, you need to know first hand what they will be used for. Sometimes, using the wrong work gloves can end you up in a disaster.

If you have no idea which work glove is for you, Magid Glove’s site has detailed information on which specific work glove is for. This should serve as a good starting point for you to find the right one.

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Paul The Octopus Of World Cup Fame Has Died

Paul the Octopus, the eight-armed oracle that correctly predicted the outcome of eight World Cup matches this year, has died. Devastated staff at his aquarium in Germany say they will build a memorial to him, and they have a comforting message for a world in mourning — Paul II is waiting in the wings.

Paul the Octopus, who gained worldwide fame this year by correctly forecasting the outcome of eight World Cup soccer matches including the final, has died peacefully of natural causes, the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen said on Tuesday.

It said it would erect a memorial to the little brown octopus whose astounding predictive powers turned him into the true star of the tournament, eclipsing the likes of Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, Thomas Müller and Andres Iniesta. Spain, which won the tournament, embraced “Pulpo Paul” as a hero.

Rest in peace Paul. Even if you were just an octopus, you caught my attention during the World Cup saga.

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