Month: May 2010

What?! Another Sinkhole?!

If you have no idea what a sinkhole is, then check out this photo which happened during a devastating tropical storm in Central America. In the northern part of Guatemala City, the downpour created a giant sinkhole that swallowed up a space larger than the area of a street intersection. A three-story building and a house […]

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NBA Finals 2010

nbatrophyStart your picks everyone. The NBA Finals 2010 is now set. The lakers had finally gotten their wish to bump out the Phoenix Suns out of the playoffs. Next up, another rematch with the Boston Celtics who defeated them in the finals two years ago.

And a good thing too since the Lakers will hold homecourt advantage in the finals. If it were the Orlando Magic or the Cleveland Cavaliers who would have represented the East, the Lakers will start the finals on the road. So who are you guys picking?

I am all for the Lakers and it is not because of Kobe (you Kobe haters :P). I root for the Lakers no matter who plays in that team. I have been a fan ever since Magic Johnson’s days. So good luck to the Lakers and I hope they will win the finals and catch up to the Boston Celtics’ record number of 18 championship trophies.

They are not that far off behind. 😉

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Naked Feet Campaign For World Change


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Making Change . All opinions are 100% mine.

This coming June 1, 2010, a great event will take place on International Children’s Day where everyone will go barefoot everywhere to lead a campaign for world change. What is surprising and very admirable is that this event will be led by a 13 year old kid named Bilaal Rajan, proving that age does not matter in making change now.

This event hopes to help people understand that not all children are fortunate to lead happy lives. Some struggle to attend the best possible school there is. And worse, they could not even afford a pair of shoes. For Rajan’s part, he would like to invite everybody all over the world to join him in this annual barefoot campaign. This will actually be his second. The first one was a huge success.

This is such a great cause, I am heavily thinking to join this campaign. Of course, it will always be fun when you have your friends around to join you so I will also be inviting them. This campaign is so well known that it was even featured in the Associated Press, Chatelaine, National Post, Maclean’s, Toronto Star and many others.

I dare you to take the barefoot challenge. It is for a great cause for world change.
Visit my sponsor: Take the Barefoot Challenge

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