Month: March 2010

Bloggerwave After 2 Years

A few years ago, paid post sites numbered many. Now, there are just only a few sites that consistently give out opportunities to its members. One of the unexpected is Bloggerwave. I never received any opportunity ever since I registered two years ago. Quite a very long drought right? When I registered, the top members […]

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It’s Official. No More Season 9 for 24

24All good things must come to an end. And that includes tv series. Fox confirmed today that after eight seasons, 24 will air its series finale on May 24. Kiefer Sutherland told that producing a ninth season for another network like NBC was not an option because he and executive producer Howard Gordon were ready to call it quits.
“The writers are producing the equivalent of 12 films a year, which is unheard of, and Howard felt to do a ninth would be potentially damaging,” said Sutherland.

“We both felt strongly that there has been a demand and an interest in a 24 film, which would be a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day, so we felt it was time to move in that direction.” But no fret 24 fans! There will be a movie. This ought to be good. At least we can get to see everything in this 1 movie without having ever to wait another week for the next episode unlike its tv series.

I wonder how the finale will play out. I do so want a happy ending for Jack. I always want happy endings for the lead characters. It would just suck if he died. We know now he won’t die since he will be appearing in the movie but it would suck if he will die in the movie he he he. It was a good run for the 24 franchise. I actually started watching this during the 5th season and I got hooked since.

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Truck Top Covers

coverThere are many ways and accessories that you can add to your pickup to increase your cargo space and even add security. One such accessory is a hard truck bed cover. One main reason why I love a pickup is because of the extra space that it can provide. However, sometimes that extra space may not be enough with what I need. With a fiberglass tonneau cover, I can place more things on the truck top of it giving me more space.

Real Truck has some amazing hard truck bed covers like hard tonneau covers that offer style and security all in one. Browse their site to see several styles including folding, hinging and retracting. There are just so many options for you to choose from.

Some of the top hard truck cover brands include Armor Lid, Extang, Fold A Cover, Undercover, Undercover SE, Bakflip, Pace-Edwards, Torza Top and Roll N Lock. And yes, these brands are just a few that I mentioned because there are many more that Real Truck sells.

Just check out each and every one of them. They also come with ratings, visual photos, description and features so you can have ideas on what others think of each brand and how exactly they look like.

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