What To Do If You Have LBM

toiletRight now, I am experiencing a case of food poisoning. It did not take effect until last night. I consumed around 8 raw clams during our company’s Christmas party 2 nights ago and after a few minutes of devouring those morsels, I puked. I thought that was the end of it. But last night, I felt weak, dizzy and had a case of flu. After that, I had LBM and last night was a bad night for me.

Good thing my wife was there to take care of me. If you do have LBM or loose bowel movement as it is called, it is best not to drink medicine to prevent you from crapping. Let the toxins out. Those medicines are only good if you are out of your house or on the road. That is the best remedy. You are bound to get hungry so you will have to eat but avoid oily and dairy products. Those will make it worse.

Other than that, drink lots of water or perhaps Gatorade, C2 or Fit N’ Right. I think Yakult is okay. Just remember, let those toxins out, don’t keep them inside your tummy, else you won’t get any better.

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