Month: December 2009

Driving Through Muddy Road

Ever experienced driving through muddy road where you feel your car lose control even with you holding on to the steering wheel? Man, when I went to Dahilayan Adventure Park two days ago, I was so scared when we went home and passed through muddy road because all of a sudden, I thought I lost […]

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Ben 10: Alien Swarm

Ben 10: Alien Swarm is the second live action movie but this time features a teenage Ben Tennyson, Gwen and Kevin. This film is based on the TV series Ben 10: Alien Force. It follows Ben as he breaks the ranks of a secret organization that fights aliens (The Plumbers) to assist Elena, a girl that no one else seems to trust, unearth an alien force. Gwen and Kevin help him with their own super powers.

The characters who portrayed them fit perfectly except for Gwen whom I do not think fits her physical appearance. Then there’s Kevin who can absorb elements but seems to cool off that power after doing a punch or something. Sucks, because there should have been more Kevin using his powers rather than seeing it happen for a few seconds.

Still, the movie was great. My only complaint though is that only Big Chill and Humongosaur were featured. There should have been more aliens featured in that one. This movie is better than the first live action movie in my opinion, since movies having child actors as the main character are not really that good. If there were no aliens involved, I would have junked watching the first movie.

You should watch this! Watching Ben 10 aliens in CGI is awesome!

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1 More Day Till Christmas

candycaneWhew! I was supposed to get a good night sleep last night since today is the start of the Holiday vacation. Instead, I slept late and woke up early because my eyes were all wide open the whole night. I drank brewed coffee last night in Coffee Bean so I am sure that was the cause.

Man, I cannot wait to get home to my hometown and get some good sleep. Oh yeah, I am going to spend most of the time playing badminton and sweat myself up. I have not had any exercise like playing basketball for over 5 years now. I guess I am just lazy playing ball ha ha! I am planning to try out the longest zipline in Asia when I get home. That would be awesome and I will post the photos in my travel blog so stay tuned for that.

I will be pretty busy later on that’s for sure, so I would like to greet everybody a Merry Christmas in advance! Enjoy the holidays everybody. Does anyone have any gift for my blog? Lol. How about subscribing to my rss feeds and/or connecting with me via Google Friend Connect. Wuhtevah blog will have a Christmas blast with your present. 😉

Merry Christmas!

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