Month: November 2009

Dr. Who Dreamland

Dreamland is the second animated Doctor Who serial (based on the British science fiction television live action series) to air on television. It stars David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and airs in six parts (one 12 minute episode, followed by five 6 minute episodes). Any Dr. Who show is good for me. Ever since […]

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What A Tiring Weekend

Whew! It was a tiring weekend indeed. My siblings were in town and even though we met only during late afternoon and went out onwards, after 2 days I really feel tired like I was out the whole day and night. I guess my body is not used to be the same as before. In short, am I getting old? ha ha!

Still, it was fun. I got to visit Park Mall finally. It is a very hard to reach mall in Cebu, Philippines because there are no public vehicles that can pass by there except taxi cabs and taxis are pretty expensive so people usually would prefer public vehicles if there are available.

Tsk. Weekend’s finished and my siblings will be going home later. And tomorrow … it will be work time again. Not again! ha ha! The circle of life …

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I Miss Lobster

lobsterI love seafood particularly crabs, prawns and the ever hard to eat lobster. Why did I say hard to eat? Because it is freaking expensive. Much more expensive than crabs. Well, maybe not more expensive than King Crabs but man, they are just so expensive. I think the last time I ate lobster was more than a decade ago. Man, I really miss those rock lobsters.

Maybe one of these days if I can find some restaurant that offers buffet with lobsters in it, i might have a go. They are simply delicious! What about you? Have you tasted lobsters? What kind? The first and last time I ate lobsters was at Shangri-La in Mactan Cebu, Philippines. The Cowrie Cove restaurant had some rock lobsters in their buffet and I just had a feast in 3 of them. Yum Yum! Am looking forward to the day when I can munch some lobsters again.

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