Month: October 2009

NBA 2009-2010

The NBA is back in full swing as the 2009-2010 season kicked off with my favorite team, the L.A. Lakers defeating their crosstown rivals the L.A. Clippers. After their ring ceremony wherein the 2009 championship team received their championship rings, there was the fear that their emotions may get the best of them. While the […]

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Bleach Movie 3: Fade To Black

bleachBleach’s 3rd movie titled Fade to Black, I Call Your Name is an animated adaptation of the anime and manga series Bleach. The movie is a bust in my opinion. I did not like it. There was not much action and the plot was too kiddie plus it is the same old Bleach. Character almost gets hit, someone else intervenes and saves the day.

While the character designs are great, even in this movie it still shows the same moves all over. I think it is ok if the moves are all the same, if, they show some new characters and new moves. This movie shows 2 characters from Rukia’s past who were possessed by a hollow but no spectacular moves. And as always, Soul Society seems weak since they have to let a substitute Shinigami (Ichigo) take care of the big bad bosses as with other recent movies.

The movie is the same as with Bleach filler episodes: great during the start then gets boring in the middle until the end of the arc.

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Watch Your Favorite Shows Anytime!

OndemandAin’t it frustrating sometimes when your favorite TV shows are currently showing and your kids do not want to change the channel because they are hooked to Carton Network, Disney or Nickelodeon and do not want to change to any other channel? But, well … kids are kids … they win ;). Today’s technology has given a solution to all our frustrations.

If you have Charter Digital, you have on demand access to all your favorite shows anytime! And as HD is becoming more and more of a standard, you also get to view your shows in HD. Charter is a Fortune 500 company and the fourth largest cable operator in the United States. With Charter Digital On Demand, time is on your side. You are free to do your important chores without worrying about missing an episode on TV.

As with any business, one of the the most important factors is customer service. They have more than 16,000 employees scattered across the nation to tend to clients’ needs anytime! If you check Charter’s set of packages, they are bundled to be affordable and at the maximum value. With Charter Digital’s On Demand service, time and convenience are your best friends.

I would say this is absolutely a brilliant service! I can let my kids hog the TV if they want to without the worries of missing out on my favorite shows. How cool is that?! learn more at You can also get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.


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