Month: September 2009

Donations For Victims of Typhoon Ketsana In The Philippines

Time and again, natural disasters have been getting worse every passing year and the recent typhoon that hit the Philippines was no different. I am helping spread the word across the world to anyone who would like to help send donations for victims of typhoon Kestana. Go to this link and you will see various […]

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Woh! Not Another Storm!

rainTsk! I learned the Philippines has been battered by severe storms and this one probably is their worst this year. I talked with my friend online and he told me the weather’s bad there and the flood is even worse. There was even one hospital yesterday where it was 3 floors submerged (and probably increasing). Not sure if the water level had subsided now, got to ask him again how the capital is doing.

Global warming … man … I look at it as pretty too late to do something about it. The saying better late than never does not seem to apply here. Even when worldwide countries are busy planning things for countering global warming, the damage is already there and the effects are showing themselves. If effects had not showed up before, global warming would just continue still. It will take quite a long time for everything to settle back as they were once before (like the ozone). As in, a very long time. I won’t be around to see it by that time.

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Giant Baby Born In Indonesia

giant_babyWow! This is something else. A baby made his way into the world and the news. Born in Indonesia at 19.2 pounds (8.7 kg), the baby is about three times the weight of an average newborn.

Named Muhammad Akbar Risuddin, he is thought to be the heaviest baby born to date in Indonesia. His parents, both tall, already have two kids before him who were born big but not abnormally large. The boy has become somewhat of a celebrity. Curious people streamed into the hospital Friday for a glimpse. Even the mayor came by and had the honor of naming the infant after himself.

Photo taken in CNN’s site.

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