Month: August 2009

What A Quick 6 Days

What a quick 6 days it has been. 6 days looks like a long time for a vacation right? But I feel like it seemed quite a bit short. I have been slow with my blogging because I am currently spending my vacation back in my hometown in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. It was also […]

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Link From Blog, New Paid Blogging Site

lfbAll you paid posters out there, a new player is here offering paid blogging services for bloggers. Link From Blog gives bloggers opportunities to earn whilst enjoying what they love best, writing. So head on to the site and register for an account so you can get started on it.

To start with, you need to add your blogs so that opportunities and offers will be matched to your blog’s category. Before your blogs get approved though, you need to write about them and place a counter so that they can track how many people actually read your post about them. That is all there is to it for Link From Blog. So what are you waiting for? Head on to the Link From Blog site now.
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Big Flat Bread

This new pizza joint in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines recently opened in one of the areas in The Site. Being a pizza addict, it was the first food establishment that I had the desire to go to so I could check out how their pizzas taste. The place inside is pretty small since I think the area they occupied probably was part of the area occupied by P. Joes before (not sure). Most of the tables are outside.

There is just one problem though. They have these circle shaped glass roofs to supposedly keep customers safe from rain but with the way they are placed, there are gaps in between resulting in wet tables, chairs and floor as what happened when we went there. We were lucky that we got some seats inside so we were spared from the rain. After we ate and went out, the tables were complete empty because they all got wet from the rain. Bad layout.

Anyway, their specialty pizzas are those of the largest sizes called Biggest. Sadly we were not able to order it since the owner had some guests over and there were lots of pre-readied Biggest type pizzas so we opted to order two kinds of pizza: The Godfather of size Bigger priced at 588 pesos (features vegetables and meat toppings) and The Big Pacific Catch of size Big (features tuna, shrimp, squid, seafood) priced at 298 pesos plus an order of Penne Arabiatia pasta. The food all tasted ok but frankly, I do not feel like the prices fit them.

Their pizza’s crust is thick like pita or say, 10 layers of imported lumpia skin. In short, the crust does not look like pizza-ish at all. The Penne Arabiatia, priced at 148 pesos, spicy as it was and even though it was ok in my opinion, was a total rip-off because the serving content was pretty small. Check out the photos below of Penne Arabiatia, The Godfather Pizza and The Big Pacific Catch Pizza.

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