Month: July 2009

Super Yachts For The Rich

It pays to be rich right? Man, this new super yacht will be out in a few years. This yacht has been designed by an internationally renowned urban planning architect in a very unusual shape. Designed for 12 guests, the yacht looks like a sea creature with the front looking like the frontal part of […]

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Baby With Two Heads

babiesI read about this news online yesterday and it was the first time I saw one with two heads and this happened in the Philippines. While there are other occurences where babies born have two heads, they also have two bodies merged at the back or something. This one though, has one body but two heads. They said they still have to check if they share the same heart and others, else they might not live long enough. The parents of that baby are poor so it is going to make it harder for them to raise the baby since the father said he wants to raise their newborn. They will need a heck of a donation. The occurence is called dicephaly monozygotic conjoined twins, which according to doctors is very rare. As in very.

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Earn Via Sponsored Tweets

sponsored_tweetsIZEA will be introducing in due time another new way to earn while using Twitter, called Sponsored Tweets. The concept is pretty simple, publishers will set their desired price for posting twits. Advertisers will look for publishers who match their criteria like technology, fashion, travel, etc. and have their advertisement messages posted in the publisher’s twitter account.

Signing up is free. The user interface is simple to use. Well, there is really nothing to it. You just sit back and wait till they contact you for any opportunities. You set your notification mode via private messaging within the site or via email. I chose email so I do not have to keep on logging in to the site. They also have featured Twitter accounts of famous celebrities, artists and more in case you want to follow them. The look and feel of the site looks a bit like Pay Per Post’s new user interface.

Twitter users now have another way monetize through IZEA’s Sponsored Tweets program. To join, you can click on the square advertisement on the upper right side of this page. There is a square 125×125 banner there with the name Sponsored Tweets.

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