Month: June 2009


A young girl walks through a secret door in her new home and discovers an alternate version of her life. On the surface, this parallel reality is eerily similar to her real life – only much better. But when her adventure turns dangerous, and her counterfeit parents (including Other Mother) try to keep her forever, […]

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Farewell Michael Jackson

When I heard about the news last week regarding Michael Jackson’s death, I was pretty sadden by it as I am sure all others were. I believe he was a good person. And while he was enjoying his fame and fortune from being famous in music, he was also stricken with problems of child molestation problems or whatever which, I believe are untrue. Those people just wanted to cash in on him and the media always makes things worse by exploding the issue too much.

Michael Jackson will always stand out from other music artists because of his moonwalk. That will always be the very first thing that will be associated when people think about him. That … and Thriller. Just like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson’s legacy will live on and on for the¬†today ‘s¬†generation and the future.

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The Long Wait For A PLDT DSL

internetpngThe title of the post speaks for itself and it still is the case until now. It is 2 weeks and counting since I started to apply for a PLDT DSL subscription in the wake of my termination from Globe’s DSL service. It is pretty common knowledge here in the Philippines that Globe’s personnel service is quick to respond but its DSL service is highway robbery whereas PLDT is the complete opposite. A lot of people have said PLDT’s DSL is good but applying for a subscription or waiting for a tech support agent to visit you at your place will take ages. Now isn’t that just sad? PLDT is a pretty big company but they cannot seem to hire manpower that will cater to all their existing clients plus new ones. To think that they have monopolized much of the DSL side, I cannot figure out why nothing has been done to address this sad issue?

When I filled up the subscription form, I did not know that I had to pay in advance a thousand bucks for DSL and installation fee. I did not bring enough money that time and I did not want to withdraw at other banks (since there was no BDO in that area) because of the ATM charge. They agreed that they will just add it to my bill. The agent called 3 times during separate intervals during that week and the first two calls I had no idea what it was about because I was at work and my parents in law were the ones who answered the call. The 3rd time she called up, I finally knew why she kept calling. It was about the installation fee. Just weird. We had agreed before on that and now she tells me my application cannot be processed unless I pay first. Smells like commission. I am not going to rant more about what happened this week. Their contractor said it is already being processed. The question is, WHEN? I am losing financial opportunities because of their delays.

I am very impressed with Globe’s customer response time but was just disappointed with their often tweaking system settings that affects DSL connection often (yes, I know the restoration crap is just an excuse. They really change settings on their side that messes up your end’s connection) and decided to switch to PLDT. My friend said that people have said PLDT is the lesser of two evils. Can’t say I agree with her. They both suck. The problem is, there is nothing we can do and they know it.

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