Song Hits KTV

This new KTV bar beside Baseline restaurant in Cebu features new music, a rotating disco light on the ceiling and a flat screen tv for your videoke needs. Apart from the clean rooms that they provide, it is the songs that make this KTV the best. You can find even the latest music here and the best thing is that it only costs a 100 bucks during weekdays and I think 150 during weekends.

Which is a far cry from K1 and Pod5 KTVs in the Banilad area which charge you a whopping 350 bucks per hour. And you only get to enjoy old music. Some may be new, but not as new as the ones Song Hits KTV offers. The food is relatively cheap too. The room we were in could fit in 10 people. Now that, is a great deal. All you KTV lovers out there should check this place out.

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