Month: May 2009

Taxi Drivers In Malaysia

Well, I just got back from Malaysia and I had been pretty busy editing my photos before uploading them so I just got to blog about it now. First thing I am going to talk about my experience there is about taxi cabs in Malaysia. I can say only one thing. They are way worse […]

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TV Series Finales

tvYay! Most TV series have come to a season’s end. I have yet to watch quite a number of them because I have been so busy with work and at least because of the finales, i can catch up most specially Prison Break. I have not seen it yet but I will do so tomorrow. Finally, the end of the show. Other tv series I am looking forward to finish are Desperate Housewives and 24. While it may be the end of most tv series in the U.S., some good British TV series will start soon like Dr. Who which is my most favorite British TV series. But first things first. I will be blogging about Prison Break after I finish watching the last 3 remaining episodes. Stay tuned. So, what about you? What are your favorite TV shows?

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Off To Malaysia

malaysiaI am off to Malaysia this coming weekend so I will be offline from visiting blogs. Sad to say the hotel I will be staying in does not have free internet and the charge is pretty much expensive. I was hoping to go online after a day of wandering around Malaysia. Still, I am pretty excited going there. I will be back next week. Till then, there will be lots of posts regarding Malaysia in my travel blog once I get back.

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