Month: April 2009


Finally got to watch Taken the other night and boy was it good. Really good! It reminded me of an old movie I saw titled The Perfect Weapon. All the action scenes were superb. Liam Neeson truly was magnificent in this movie (except his face, he looks like he is almost about to cry haha). […]

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PayPal Withdraw

paypalI finally opted to try and withdraw funds in my PayPal account to my bank account. And voila! It worked! Surprisingly quick too. I withdrew my funds from my PayPal account to my local bank account last Monday and found out yesterday that it went in. That was indeed pretty quick. I am impressed. For those who also want to withdraw their PayPal funds, you need to get the bank code of your local bank. I am not sure if it can be found in PayPal’s website but I found it in some forum. You can Google it. My local bank is BDO.

It is not possible to have your funds withdrawn as USD currency into your local bank account, in my case BDO. My friend told me though, that it could be possible if it is some well known international bank that has ties to other banks abroad. Not sure, but if anyone had any experience with this, please do share. I do so want my funds to be withdrawn in USD as well. Anyway, I got my funds now he he he.

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A Short Update

Oh man … I am still plagued by Globe DSL’s lies that Cebu is currently under restoration (man … same old reason ever since I started with my subscription). I finally contacted billing and told them that I have had enough of waiting when their connection would even become ok. I felt that I would be wasting my time if I keep on letting them push us customers by doing nothing. I intend to have it disconnected once and for all.

Imagine, just now, I so wanted to post an article regarding my PayPal withdrawal. But instead of writing about it, I decided to voice my displeasure over my boredband connection. I even had to wait around like 10 minutes just so the post new page in my WordPress blog is loaded. It is not even an assurance that my next new post will get published right away. Might take another 15-20 minutes or so. So that is it. I have decided to disconnect my subscription with Globe and transfer to PLDT. I have had enough of vague excuses. I needed details. And all they gave me were lies.

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