Month: March 2009

What Not To Eat At Siam

Siam Thai Restaurant in Ayala Terraces offers a lot of good food. The prices are alright. Most of each serving is good for 2-3 people. I ate there the second time just last week and I found out some items that are not good to be ordered. In other words, rip-offs. So, steer clear of […]

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Bedtime Stories

bedtimestoriesgalleryposter1Bedtime Stories tells the story of Skeeter’s (Adam Sandler) father, Marty Bronson, who sells his homey motel to clever Barry Nottingham but with the promise to make Marty’s son manager, when he is grown up and has proven himself. The hotel was created but Skeeter still did not become a manager even when he is grown up until things happened kookily after he tells his niece and nephew a bedtime story that reflected his situation and life. What he narrated in the bedtime story somehow became real. As he looks for ways to make bedtime stories to make his dreams come true, he realizes that his niece and nephew’s versions are what makes it real.

This is a good family movie. I did enjoy quite a bit watching it. As usual, Adam’s pal, Rob Schneider does cameo appearances (which he always does in all Sandler movies). The bedtime stories are what made this movie unboring. If there were not any, I think I would have dozed off. Skeeter’s sister does not have much role in the movie. She is the same character as in the Private Practice TV Series. Not sure if all adults will enjoy this but kids surely will.

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What Not To Buy At La Marea

La Marea is pretty famous in Cebu. With its all time best seller, the Brownie-A-La-Mode, other items there taste good. Well, not all of them. Since it was too boring to eat the same thing over and over, this time I tried out their Caramel Souffle since it looked yummy. Priced at 60 pesos, after I first tried a bite of it, the first thing that came to my mind was, what the …

This item is a rip-off. Do not waste your money on this. There is even nothing to bite here. You can at least bite a marshmallow than this one. It is just some sponge type full of air. And the caramel syrup that they put it with, is not caramel at all. Tasted like ordinary condensed milk. Better stick to the A-La-Mode and paying a little extra than buying the Caramel Souffle and barely eat anything. Oh yeah, their A-La-Mode shrunk. So lucky are the people who ate before when food did not shrink yet.

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