Month: January 2009

TGI Fridays

Finally! My wife and I dined out last night at TGI Fridays or TGIF for short. I had always wanted to try this one ever since it opened here in Cebu because I never had the chance to do it in Manila. Last night was not so jampacked since it was a Thursday. I am […]

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Hulk VS Thor

This movie came out the same time as Hulk VS Wolverine did. The Hulk VS Thor confrontation happened not really because they were meant to fight against one another but because Thor’s evil cousin Loki, planned to take over the throne by using The Hulk to bring chaos to Asghard and defeat Thor. As with most other Marvel animated movies that featured The Hulk, he seems to be the most powerful. If you watched Ultimate Avengers. he was the X-Factor that defeated the enemies in both of the animated movies. Even in the Future Ultimate Avengers movie, even a very old Hulk was the X-Factor. The voice actor of Hulk VS Wolverine is the same person as in this movie, Fred Tatasciore.

There were some pretty new characters that I saw the first time like Loki’s daughter and Thor’s other girl. Heck, even Odin seemed to look like a pirate because he had one of eyes covered. This movie, still portrayed that The Hulk is the most powerful character. Even with magic. They were able to contain him but Hulk can never be defeated. There were no blood shown here in this one though even though Thor’s wife slashed and stabbed Hulk unlike in his confrontation with Wolverine. I guess the only way to defeat the Hulk is old age.

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The Hulk VS Wolverine

Marvel recently released 2 animated movies that featured The Hulk and another Marvel Character. One of them was Hulk VS Wolverine. You guessed it! An animated movie between the two, well … a fight against each other. I wondered at first how the two got to fight in this movie since Hulk usually likes to hang out in remote woods alone, to avoid destruction in the cities. Turns out, Wolverine gets to meet his fellow Weapon X comrades like Sabretooth, Deadpool, Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike. They were the ones who were responsible for making the Hulk angry because they want to capture and modify him to become their next weapon. Wolverine helped them a bit by immobilizing the Hulk at first though in the end The Hulk wrecked everything inside the Weapon X premise and being The Hulk that he is, does not know anyone (except Betty) and he goes back to a rampage against Wolverine.

Wolverine on the other hand, gives a big grin at the end because they continue their unfinished fight although the movie does not show it and shows it as the ending. Deadpool’s character is a bit more on the lively, hyperactive and humorous side, like Justice League’s Flash. This movie is not ideal for young kids since this is a different Marvel movie. Unlike the bashing and throwing we see in previous animated renditions of The Hulk. With his fight against Wolverine, we get to see Wolverine’s adamantium claws pierce through Hulk’s skin and seeing blood from it. The Hulk did seem well in the last part of the movie after his first fight with Wolverine because there were no stab marks anymore (perhaps Weapon X healed his injuries too? I cannot recall The Hulk having healing abilities like Wolverine does).

Marvel animated movies are always good and this is one of them. Lots of characters in one movie.

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