Month: November 2008

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

This is one of the many coffee shops here in Cebu with lots of branches.  In terms of price, I believe they are more expensive than Starbucks. Their mocha frapp drinks are alright and my wife just loves their chocolate cupcake. I do not know who makes it, but they sure are lucky to be serving […]

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I never buy Lays since they are pretty expensive. As in VERY. But when I chanced upon one of the grocery outlets here that they’re having a junk food sale, I saw Lays was pretty cheap and it came with a free Pepsi Max can as well.

Naturally, I bought it haha. When I opened it the next day, I was pretty disappointed to find out it only contained this much (see photo below, click to zoom).

I think it would have been better if they just made its content full rather than emptying a huge chunk inside. The size of each layer is already so small they had to make it worse by not placing its contents in full. The seafood nori seaweed flavor tastes good. I love it though. Oh, just don’t each too much with Lays. It’s actually one of 4 major companies in the U.S. that were found to add an ingredients that causes cancer. No worries for me, this was only my 2nd time to eat Lays he he he.

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Got Paid With Paid Blogging

Today, I received  payment from one of the paid blogging sites that I take active part with. It’s not much but hey, at least there’s a little something that I earned while being online right? I am always online during work so at least a little of my time did give me some monetary results. My payment was sent through Western Union money transfer. When I checked the sender address, it is the same place as my hometown. That felt weird. Someone asked me to blog about someting and that someone is from the same place as my hometown.

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