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This was like my 3rd time to eat there last night in my many years here in Cebu. I don’t get to go there often because it’s far from the city. MB Tavern is located in Mactan, near Mactan Doctor’s Hospital. It is famous for its pizza and sketti (its name for its Spaghetti product). The pizza was great last night and even the sketti. But I was surprised their sketti was big. Seems I had forgotten how much their serving for sketti was. We ordered 2 of them after which the first one was served, made me realize only 1 was needed especially since we already ordered 2 lasagnas and 3 pizzas. MB Tavern has been around ever since I started working in Cebu and it’s still going on strong now.

They have a package price of like 4 ice tea drinks together with the pizza for only 290.00 pesos. I didn’t like their lasagna though. It was just full of sweet tomato sauce. There wasn’t much cheese with them. The sketti was better. Oh, and we ordered french fries too. It was good. You can also play billiards all you want or sing along with their karaoke. If there are people who hog the karaoke downstairs, you can try their videoke stand upstairs but you have to chip in a 5 peso coin per song. You also get a free stuffed toy once your total bill reaches at least 1,000.00 pesos. If you don’t like the stuffed toy they give to you, you can choose the other ones on display, though it would have to depend on the total amount of your bill.

Their prices are not bad, even though prices have skyrocketed these days. If you’re living somewhere in Mactan, lucky you it’s just near. Photos below starting from left are (first  two photos are sketti), pizza, lasagna.

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6 thoughts on “MB’s Tavern
  1. Mactan Restaurant man

    Yes MB’s is nice
    I have been writing about this little restaurant in Basak Kagudoy on Mactan island and find it interesting that it still is so both little and big in many senses and ways. To me MB’s have been mostly a very valuable hub of interesting people and ideas besides good food and nice motorcycles to do som island hopping with. But the pizza and sketti who can forget it 🙂


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