Month: October 2008


So who here was in Cebu yesterday? Did you feel the earthquake? It was reported to be intensity 3 but that felt like the worst jilt I had experienced in my whole life. I was on the 10th floor and I felt it for 2 seconds only but the vibration was strong. It was like […]

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U.S. Nationwide Phone Lookup

Nationwide Phone Lookup is a great place to find people’s details by using their phone numbers using a method called reverse phone lookup. Basically, if you have your friend’s phone number but do not any details of his like address and the phone number is all you have got, use Nationwide Phone Lookup’s service to search for it. With this service, you can find a person’s information using any type of phone number, including cell phone numbers. Nationwide Phone Lookup has more entries in its database available than virtually any other service around, guaranteeing that what you are looking for, you will be given results. Try it.

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Hospitals Nowadays?

Last night, I went to Chong Hua hospital to visit my uncle because he was in cardiac arrest the previous night. He’s all feeling better now after his operation that night. Man, it’s been only 1 night but the bill soared from a few thousand to almost half a million. I’m not pretty sure if all hospitals are like Chong Hua now, comment them here if you know anything, but seems like mostly everything there’s not free in there. Heck, there’s even no soap in their comfort rooms. My aunt didn’t rent a room in the hospital during that night because my uncle was in the cardiac care unit room being monitored 24 hours so they went home late that night and the hospital would just call them if they may be needed. When you are inside the CCU, you’re required to wear some medical outfit and slippers. Worse, they’re not free and you would have to pay for them. My aunt told me even if you bring food with your own spoon and fork, you’re required to at least buy one from them, else it’s not allowed. The worst part of it all is if you’re stuck with a notorious doctor who’s known to overcharge one’s services. My aunt’s doctor friend was not in the neighborhood so they were stuck with that notorious doctor.

If you can only imagine how the people who could not afford must feel if they want someone admitted to a hospital and the conversation may go like this…

Family: Doc, will he make it?
Doctor: that depends … er … did you make a deposit?
Family: no, not yet.
Doctor: in that case, 50-50.

I know the hospital is also protecting its own interest, but sometimes they have to monitor the doctor’s service charge because some of them just atrociously overprice them. And the family gets no choice but to go with it because if they prolong it by trying to negotiate it or ask for pity because they can’t afford to make any deposit, their loved one’s condition may end up worse if they try to look for another hospital. Well, anyway, that’s my take. I’m pretty sure we all have conflicting views regarding this, especially if you own a hospital :P.

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