Month: September 2008

The Mummy 3

Mummy 3 is a good movie. We see the O’Connells with Brendan Frasier’s wife’s brother plus their son (most sequel movies always introduce a child, young or old, at some point) battle it out with another mummy, this time, Jet Li. The fight scenes are good, we finally see a royal rumble battle between good […]

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Journey To The Center Of The Earth

I was surprised after The Mummy 3 was shown in theaters that Journey To The Center Of The Earth popped up. Two movies by Brendan Frasier in an instant. I got to watch Journey last night after a DVD screener popped out in the net. It wasn’t a really good movie overall. Part of it was boring and there were parts that made it exciting (when the dinosaurs were shown). Frasier looked big in this movie, probably gained weight. The story’s about them, upon checking something in a place where there were seismic activities, encounters fiery thunder clouds forcing them to take cover in a cave and eventually getting trapped inside. While looking for a way out, they managed to get to the center of the earth and find out that Frasier’s nephew’s father Max died but his discovery of the earth’s center proved that Max wasn’t lying. Now, the only way left for them to do is find a way back home which involved passing through Venus Fly Traps, nasty huge fishes with sharp teeth, Plesiosauruses and one nasty T-Rex in an barren empty land. Those were the only times that the movie got me excited. We also don’t see much sea dinosaurs in action in any movies. The tv series Surface would have been one good candidate but it got axed in just one season (I loved that series). The T-Rex scene was pretty short. I thought it would be their main tormentor the whole time they were in the center. Just an average movie for me.

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Sunday Jerks

Since my hearing is very sensitive, normally noise can barely graze me when I am very very tired. I thought Sunday would be different and I’d be catching up my sleep. I watched Journey To The Center Of The Earth last night near midnight plus an episode of The New Adventures Of Old Christine got me to sleeping very late. Once I went to sleep, so far so good. Until the notorious early morning call center agent videoke jerk started blabbering one’s mouth singing and disturbing my precious sleep. I’m pretty sure my other boardmates got annoyed as their room is just beside the source like ours. Kill me if they’re not annoyed haha. Oh well, it was a bad weekend overall for me. Not enough sleep and tomorrow’s the start of work. There was even someone who lit up a firecracker around almost 8 in the morning. More jerks. Could tonight get any more worse?

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