Month: August 2008

I’m Now In Lahug

It’s not easy moving from one place to another. that’s why even after so long that im away from my family, i never considered buying a tv, or even a desktop computer. I never had luck with renting a room ever since I started working. This was because my landlady before never paid the rent […]

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Hurricane Gustav! Mayday! Mayday!

As if one disastrous Hurricane wasn’t enough, New Orleans is bracing for another worse Hurricane than it experienced with Hurricane Katrina. I remember when Katrina battered New Orleans before, it left a lot of Damage. Even during after its aftermath, there were tornadoes that hit it. And now that it seemed the state had finally recovered from the damages that Katrina brought to the state, a new hurricane is on its way, Hurrican Gustav. I was a bit disturbed when even the mayor told the residents “you need to be scared”. Those very words meant that it could be probably be worse than before. I just hope that well (I can hope can I?), the hurricane will change its course. Weather’s been freaky nowadays, pretty sure global warming and that disaster Hurricane Katrina lashed out was enough. I pray Gustav’s fury won’t be that bad as they fear.

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Chic & Fab Cafe

Payday came and I wanted to dine out for a change. I craved for Vietnamese food so my wife and I went to Crossroads in Banilad since that was where my aunt treated my family when they came to Cebu. Once we got there, we found no trace of anything Vietnamese, probably closed down or what. Instead, we went to the Thai restaurant called Chic & Fab. Before we went inside, we first checked out their menu if it suited our cravings. While browsing through the menu, I kind of wondered who owns the restaurant because their menu items look similiar to Krua Thai Restaurant. Turns out the owner is the same (no wonder). So off we went inside to try out their new delicacies (lots of new food in their menu that are not in Krua Thai’s). The following were what we ordered.

Spaghetti in Green Curry – from the picture itself, it looked like the delicious noodles that my wife and I ate in Singapore. The curry sauce sure made it look like it. Although it wasn’t the same, this tasted good. I loved the green curry sauce. Only two prawns were included though.

Sauteed Mixed Vegetables – we had to had some vegetables because this is a must have for every meal that we eat.

Chicken Ginger – any food with ginger works well with my appetite. This combination hit my spot right on target.

They also have some stuffs like junk food, shampoos and others displayed near the side of the wall that are actually for sale. The second floor also features more tables for customers plus clothes for sale can be found there as well. What’s good about this place is that they have no service charge and VAT (probably didn’t register with DTI? hehehe, kidding). I have no complaints about their food. My only complaint was their service. They barely have any staff to cater to customers. I wondered if they’re jampacked, I don’t think they can satisfy all customers right away. One of the acting waiters probably was the owner (since he wasn’t wearing any waiter attire, more like a yuppie outfit). The food was awesome!

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