Month: July 2008

Hokaido Ice Cream

This stall can be seen just outside the main entrance of Centrepoint Mall, in front of Clark Quaye. At first, I thought their ice cream were of the minty types since knowing cuisine in Singapore is more on the spicy side, their ice creams would be no different as I judged by myself upon knowing […]

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Creme of Dreams Ice Cream

This is one unique type of ice cream. While walking along the very long Orchard road in Singapore, we passed by a cart selling ice creams. This was the 4th variety of ice cream that we tasted and we simply stopped in front of it upon seeing a customer buy one. It’s like selling an ice cream the shape of a whole cheese or butter. The vendor gets one rectangular shaped ice cream (depending on the flavor you choose), cramps 2 wafer biscuits on each side, then you’re all set to eat. It’s called Creme of Dreme and we chose the blueberry flavor. I did check their site about it and it seems that it originated in Singapore and their ice cream are from Magnolia. Better yet, it is priced for only an SGD dollar. Very worth it. We would have wanted to buy another flavor but one was enough as we had ice cream of a different brand a few hours before that (Gelatiano). The whole ice cream was of Vanilla flavor with some blueberry syrup in it which tasted very good. You definitely shouldn’t miss this. I’m not sure if the carts can be seen on just about anywhere but we did pass by one along Orchard Road. Keep an eye for it ;).

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Noodle & Rice Beef Special @ Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

In one of Jurong Bird Park’s (Singapore) food outlets, they have this menu item called Noodle Special and Rice Beef Special. My wife and I ordered each. I ate the noodle special since it looked so yummy. Once I started munching on the noodles, I was surprised it tasted so differently. Sort of like a Korean delicacy type called Kimchi. I thought it was Spaghetti haha. The chicken tasted good, a bit spicy but good. The noodle was also super spicy but its Kimchi like taste prevented me from eating it all up. I guess I am not used to it like Koreans do. Everything in that set was spicy, even the salad. I checked out my wife’s food, most items the same as mine. The rice there has some “suman” like after-taste that I found weird, and, again, both of us didn’t get to finish it all up even though she wanted me to finish it. Our drink was a fruity slush type and it tasted great. I just forgot the name. Check out the pic … yummy… but if you’re not used to spices, there’d be plenty of leftovers that’s fore sure.

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