Month: June 2008

Mosquito and a Fly

Funny how I used to think back when I was a kid that a mosquito and a fly were just one. I never saw any mosquitoes during daytime but only get to see them during the night when I go to sleep. Whereas the fly would appear during the day. My thinking back then was […]

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Breadtalk is now in Cebu, located in SM Northwing area. My girlfriend and I did try some of their bread and they were good. What bothered me was when one time I passed by their store and saw a fly landing and flying over a group set of bread near the side window. Ick, if ever you buy from them, better check that the items are either covered with plastic or placed in a container that’s closed. Otherwise, you’d never know if something already has contaminated them. What’s a fly you say? If you had no idea about it, it’s all good. But once you would see a fly over them, fly-hopping around, who would like to eat them? Just the thought of it gives me icky feelings. There was also one case where my friend saw a baker who was fixing dough and it fell to the floor. He just calmly picked it up, continued fixing it and well.. you know the rest… Even though it’s going to be baked, would you want to eat it knowing that it fell on the floor and who knows what vermins had been crawling there?

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Manny Pacquiao Whoops It Up With Celtics

So here’s a clip of Manny Pacquiao with the Boston Celtics who visited him after his win over Diaz to wrest the belt from him. Lucky guy. Not just becoming only the first asian to be a champion in 4 different divisions but also getting visited by the 2008 NBA Champions themselves. Tsk, would have been nice if the Lakers who visited him though … hehehe.

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