Month: May 2008

Beware The Night

I just got home after treating my friends to a night of videoke fun. While on our way home, since I had to accompany my fiancee going home, I got pissed because of what happened. First, even during the wee hours of the morning, you still see street kids along the streets in Mango Avenue. […]

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NBA Finals 2008 Yeah! Lakers!

Larry O’ Brien Trophy, here they come! Finally, after 4 years, the Lakers are back in their quest for another championship. Doesn’t matter who’s going to be their opponent. Celtics? Like, most people wanted an old time sakes rivalry but naaah… Pistons? Neither. Doesn’t matter who they’ll face. This is their season! Make Vujajic shoot more threes! Weeeee. While that game 4 call blunder was a big issue for Spurs fans, put it to rest dudes! Did you even recall the previous play before that? Fisher’s shot grazed the rim, hence they should have been given a new 24 second shot clock. Which would have meant, the Spurs would have to foul them because there was only like 2.9 seconds left in the game. As a result, since they called it an airball, Kobe had to rush a jumper that gave the Spurs that chance. Fight fire with fire … all is fair. Just like that momentous 0.4 shot by Fisher before. Duncan made an improbable shot. So did Fisher. 4 more games to win. And I’m sure they’ll even have a better chance next year, what with Bynum healthy before the season will start. Lakers are going to be on top next season right away (barring possible injuries). Amid this rejoicing, I should thank Kwame Brown for being the reason Pau Gasol’s with the Lakers now. Heck, I’m pretty sure the Lakers players are all thankful for it. And, we should be thankful that Bynum got injured as well, hence that Gasol trade wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to the player who injured him (forgot who). Looking forward to Game 1. Although the Lakers will start on the road for the first time in a series this year, doesn’t matter. They’ve shown they can win on the road like in Utah and San Antonio. I would love to see a Game 7 triple overtime in the Eastern Conference Finals so that whoever the victor would be, will be fatigued to start out the Finals haha! Go! Lakers!!!

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Kung Fu Baby

I wish my baby would be able to do something like this haha

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