Cheapest SPA In Cebu

As far as I know, the “best and cheapest” for me is Banyan Tree Spa in Fuente. Their branches on top of Anita’s bakeshop and near Capitol are closed as they relocated to Fuente. Their rate is 200.00 for a 1 hour massage. If you go early in the afternoon, say around 12pm-4pm I think, the give out a super big discount, 118.00 for a 1 hour massage. And it’s not just about the price, their massages are pretty good too. I think their promos are only for the weekdays, and you don’t get a free stamp on the coupon card if you avail the promo. The price slash is so big, it’s the only one I know that offers that kind of promo. If there are others like Banyan Tree Spa that offer low rate promos, please post it in the comments section.

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