Month: April 2008

World’s Largest Swimming Pool

If  you like doing laps in the swimming pool, you might want to stock up  on the energy drinks before diving in to this one. It is more  than 1,000 yards long, covers 20 acres, had a 115ft deep end and holds  66 million gallons of water. The Guinness Book of  Records named the vast […]

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Jackass Kid

Ever happen to you wherein you have a very good spot to take pictures when suddenly someone else moves in front of you and overtakes your place? One experience for me happened yesterday. I was taking pictures of a fashion show where my girlfriend was in. Right when the show started, my hands were in trigger-happy mode. I actually didn’t stand near the aisle as there was a videocamera shooting as well. I did not want to be in the way so I was standing a bit behind on the line. Suddenly, some jackass kid who was like probably 11 years old brushed me aside and stood in front of me, raising his hands and started taking pictures with his cellphone camera. That took me by surprise. By then, I couldn’t get a whole body shot of any models because he keeps raising his hand up when he took pictures. I was sooo tempted to hit this kid’s head at the back. I said to myself, I’ve got more manners than this kid when I was at his age. I just had to restrain myself else I would become the bad guy instead. This kid totally had no manners. Pity his guardian(s) who didn’t bother to do anything and let their child do what he did. I’m pretty sure his guardian(s) were nearby. I had an abudance of pics where his hand got included in the shots. And it’s not an excuse that he’s around 11 years old. He should be able to to know what are good manners and bad manners, unless he’s an idiot.

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Junior High School Prom

Funny, but I couldn’t help but write this post after I came upon a teen blog that talked about her high school prom. Ah yes, the prom. I think proms nowadays are more lavish, and more exciting. People are more open minded nowadays and have been exposed to a lot of things compared to during my time. Heck, I even remember the very first “real” bar that opened in my hometown happened after I graduated college. That long right? You could just imagine my life before, most of the time I just stayed put at home. There wasn’t that much go stroll around. So … back to the real topic, prom. Both my prom experiences were kind of funny in a way. On my junior year, my date was the first girl whom I had a crush on who was not from my school. I know her by glances because I have private chinese tutor classes after my high school classes in the afternoon and the girl lives near where I study. Sometimes we pass by each other along the way when she goes home and I go to my tutor’s house. That’s how I know about her. But that was it, just glances. So, junior prom came and I needed a date haha. The only girl who was in my mind was her. But we’ve never met yet, not even introduced to one another. The only times that I could say that I know her were during those times that we pass by each other and our eyes met (charing!). There was no choice, I had to go to her place and invite her out. What the, was I in my right mind? I barely could even go near a chick. I was soooo shy when it came to girls but as I said, no choice right? It happened on a Sunday, I rode my bike with my friends (I have one classmate who lived near her place). And, with my questionable overconfidence went to her house, looked for her and invited her to be my prom date. Bwahahaha, beat that! If I think about what happened that time, I’d think I was pretty stupid. We didn’t even know each other and I just rushed my invitation. Naturally, I got declined haha! Her reason was that her aunt is strict (man, I think I easily get attracted to women whose guardians are so strict!). So I thought that that was her alibi for turning me down. When I talked to some of friends the next day about the girl who lived near our school, they snickered and I asked why. Small world, but one of my friends was her cousin. How about that?! I never expected him to ask her aunt to let her go on a date with me. It was so funny because when I went home for lunch I actually passed by her and her friends. I had a confused look because they were giggling at me and I thought, what was that all about. I later found out in the afternoon that her cousin vouched for me and he aunt agreed on it. So that’s the scoop how I asked my junior prom date out. That was probably my first real date.

So prom night came, and my dad was the chaffeur since I didn’t know how to drive yet. I was a late blooming driver, started driving after college since I always had this fear that I might get hit or I may hit someone. When I got to her place, I finally met her aunt. She was sort of big and well, since I was still very young got very intimidated. She said she wanted her niece to be home before midnight. And so, I returned her home exactly before midnight. There weren’t much places to go around the city. Most students would just go to the beach and during our time, no one knew how to drive his own car so it was pretty much prom, have fun, then go home. I also wore a fake tie, you know, the one that’s assembled already and you just tuck it on your chest area. One of my friends accidentally did a swiping motion on me and took off my tie. Geez that was pretty embarrassing. Everyone had to encircle me so no one would see it as I quickly put it back on. I admit I was pretty nervous back then. I had never asked a girl out before and worse, I did it that way. However, that experience was pretty memorable. And it helped start to mold me into what I am now.

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