1 Stupid hassle working in SM Malls

I dont know if this applies to all SM Malls but im assuming it does. If you are an employee of any store in SM, you’d have to deal with two IDs. That’s right, 2 IDs. One is used for your office/store (where you work) purposes while the other is used for gaining entry inside the mall premise before the opening mall time occurs.

To get your SM ID (not the office/store ID), you would have to attend a 1 hour seminar first before you will be given one. What is really a hassle is that the ID expires after a few months and you would have to attend the seminar again before you will be given a new one. Do they see all people who work at SM as dumb. Why does one have to attend the same seminar over again? It’s a waste of time. If your boss would ask SM admin to exclude you from the seminar, that’s good. At least your boss cares.

Pity those people who have to endure the same seminar over and over again. tsk.

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