Why you hate your work

  1. has barely any benefits
  2. has barely an increase in salary
  3. no gimmicks to keep you motivated
  4. has a boss who looks like a goblin and a girl’s sex organ
  5. has a boss who monitors your every move
  6. has a boss who sits behind you most of the time every single day looking at what you’re doing
  7. has a boss who tells you what to use and how to do things to accomplish them (what’s our use?!?)
  8. has a boss who gives you tasks and tells you it’s easy
  9. has a boss who keeps on asking questions while you’re busy working
  10. has a boss who uses your doings as an excuse for his alibis
  11. gives you a never ending project
  12. gives you the feeling you are part of the cast of Prison Break …
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4 thoughts on “Why you hate your work
  1. Chase

    Just blowing some free time on Digg and I found your entry. Not typically what I prefer to read about, but it was definitely worth my time. Thanks.


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