Where to have your wedding invitation cards made in Cebu

One of the things that you will do for your pre-wedding preparation is thinking where it will be best to have your wedding invitation cards made. We all have our own preferences. If you have the money, then go for the lavish types. I preferred that my card be simple, presentable and wont hurt my wallet that much haha.

When I did start looking for the best stores that make them, I immediately went to the mall and checked their cards out (not surprisingly… you always go to the mall first…). Knowing malls, their prices were too high. I also asked advice from my friend regarding it and she told me that the best and cheapest in Cebu is CDI. They’re now located near the University of San Carlos school. A lot of the stores in the malls that make wedding invitation cards get their materials from CDI so the best solution would be to go to the source. We did check CDI’s sample cards and they looked good. Some were priced average while some were pricey. Overall, they were ok.

One problem with this type of situation is that when you order from them, they usually have a minimum number of pcs that must be ordered. Although this is typical, the problem is when you wish to have another set made. Some stores require a 100 pcs as minimum and 50 on the succeeding set. While some require a lesser number of pcs as the first order, I still prefer a store that has a low number of first order set and charge you per piece on your succeeding orders. Kind of impossible nowadays. But we got lucky though, Binary Concoctions located in Gorordo Avenue does just that. They require a minimum of 50 pieces in your first order and charge you per piece in your succeeding order.

This saves you a lot as you wont have to worry about having excess wedding invitation cards go to waste. Binary Concoctions is where we’re having our wedding invitation cards made. I’m vouching that you would like their designs, you won’t regret it. You don’t have to have your cards be so lavish, they just get thrown after reading who’s who in the entourage list right? It’s best to choose a simple and importantly, presentable design that’s good enough for a wedding invitation card.

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