Month: March 2008

Most Logical Drink To Buy

Choose either one of these: C2, One Tea and Fit And Right. I choose One Tea over the 2 because aside from having zero calories and fat, it is also the cheapest. You may think that even if the label says it has 0% fat and calories, there still are. That may be true, but […]

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Cebu Bloggers Society

Seems like there’s a Cebu Bloggers Society already organized by a few people. They actually have a yahoo group mailing list account too. If you want to join, go here. It’s good to socialize with other people and share what you know. The more you interact, the more you learn new things as well. This mailing list seems to be pretty new I think, since there are not that many members. Join up, and see you there. Let’s help make this group grow, no sense creating a new yahoogroup for cebu bloggers.

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The Absurdity About Junk Foods

Junk food contents inside their packages used to have lots of it in the past. Today, even the smallest average sized junk food seems like you’ve been robbed of 90% of how much you actually paid for it. For only 10% contains the junk food that you so want to eat. The rest of the 90% is just air or nothingness. This is the same as being robbed. Those companies should be sued! If you bother checking how much contents one packed junk food has, the average large size doesn’t even contain half of it, more like 1/5 only. All brands are the same, even the expensive Cheetoh’s which I thought would be different but instead, I get only almost 50% as junk food based on its total size. tsk.

The only positive about this is that we can forget about buying junk foods and it will help us avoid getting fatter. Saves you money too. Practically speaking, I barely buy junk foods these days because I would just be disappointed upon hearing how much contents it has when I shake it. It’s better to buy biscuits even if they are a bit more expensive. Have 2 junk foods against 1 pack of biscuits will yield the same result, biscuits are practically way better to buy than junk food. Nowadays, when we buy junk food, we pay according to this criteria

90% – air
10% – junk food

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