Year: 2008

What A Way To Spend The Day Before New Year

Holidays are a great time of the year because we can spend quite a number of days relaxing and enjoying Christmas and New Year. This year is special because my vacation would last more than a week. Quite a rarity here in the Philippines. The last time I had this long a vacation was when […]

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Dear Manok

This is a pretty famous place in Cagayan de Oro well known for its chicken. There used to be a branch in Cebu a few years ago but it closed down because their service sucked and well … their food sucked too. The worst part with that establishment was that the environment seemed dead. The area was big and their staff looked like they did not have the urge to work and give service to its customers. So it was no surprise that it closed down a few months after. The branch in Cagayan de Oro is different though. I was pretty impressed.
They even have a play area for children. The price for their grilled chicken is fair and their other food like kinilaw, chicken sisig, chicken curry and calamares were declicious. This is a good place to dine when you are in Cagayan de Oro. I forgot what street this place is located at but you can ask anyone from there. It is a pretty well known name so I am sure people would know where it is.

For photos of the food that we ordered, please click here.

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Taza Coffee

If I recall it right, this was just my second time to go inside the premise of this coffee establishment since it opened back in 1998. Taza Coffee is located in The Site, Cagayan de Oro’s area of food and bar establishments. I do not know with you, but I do not like their coffee, cold and hot. They do serve alcohol though which was what we ordered when we went there. Their staff is not too energetic though. Not sure if it was the holiday spirit getting to them that they probably want to go home than work. I think it would have been better to have real barristas. We ordered a margarita pitcher which took around 15 minutes to get served considering there were only 2 tables of customers inside. Plus, another shot glass we requested took quite a long time to be given to us.

We also had a few photos taken. Please click here.

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