How To Drive Away Mosquitoes

June 30th, 2014 / No Comments » / by wuhtevah

mosquito_repellentMosquitoes are bad. When my wife and I moved in to our new place, we noticed mosquitoes lurking near the doors. I figured it may be because of the plants in our small garden.

Regardless, I researched to see if there is any cheap alternative to driving away mosquitoes. Voila! There is! And it is a plant called Citronella.

Its oil is actually used in mosquito repellents. I do not know why but its odor somehow masks us from mosquitoes thereby confusing them. This ingredient is also used in scented candles.

Not bad for a cheap alternative, right? Although I believe it needs some maintenance to trim it to its appropriate size. Leaving it as it is may not make your garden look good. Although that’s just me, I prefer the small type plants as opposed to those the size of knee length bushes.

A little of it is enough to keep mosquitoes at bay and I am all satisfied by it.

Now, I am basing this post based on my research in Google. I had read that some flowers like Marigold and Rosemary are also good alternatives for mosquito repellent and I think they make your garden look better because of their flowers compared to plain grass like Critronella and even Lemongrass.

It is good knowing that there are many plants that can serve as alternatives for mosquito repellents, those are not hard to find and obtain.

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PAPCEL: Supplier Of Great Paper Machines

June 29th, 2014 / No Comments » / by wuhtevah

PAPCEL Litovel produces and delivers machines and equipment for complete lines of paper machines and stock preparation, offering single deliveries, deliveries of complete technologies, repairs, modernization and reconstructions of production lines or machine parts.

They offer spare parts and complete technical services as the production program is enhanced by complete reconstructions of second hand paper machines and deliveries. Try to check the various paper machine products that they have and you will notice that among the many are head boxes, formers, shakers, showers, rolls and presses.

They also have machines for stock preparation and equipment and storage preparation. The paper converting machines live up to the highest standards of projecting, engineering, services, development, production, overhauls and maintenance of technologies proposed for paper and related industry.

Another thing that’s great about PAPCEL is that it gives back to the environment. This paper converting machine company constantly adheres to strict limitations in consumption of sources such as water, heat, and electric energy. It also looks out for the welfare and health of the people, as it is careful in letting out dangerous emissions.

Not only are their products and technological equipment at reasonable rates but they are also highly effective and efficient. This way, clients know that they get what they pay for.

Proof of the durability and quality of their paper machines is the fact that they have been in operation for more than 60 years. 60 years! That says a lot on where they stand as a company. They have their own technical and technological development facilities such as test room, engineering and realization department, customer service, project management and a pre production and production department.

The company has almost more than 200 employees, who are all working hand in hand in the process of providing the world with paper converting machine products that users can trust.

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A Successful House Transfer

June 23rd, 2014 / No Comments » / by wuhtevah

Okay, I do not know if this is the right term but last week, my wife and I deemed moving to our new home a success. One can never say everything is accounted for. There will always be things lacking but that is fine. Just buy new things slowly. Prioritize the most important stuffs first.

It is not every time that anybody experiences moving in to a new home. I mean, sure! Others move in to rented rooms or apartments but it is totally quite different when it is your very own home you are moving in to.

The responsibilities kick in, the priorities start to be enforced and the daily routines are in some way part of your life. I thought at first I could sleep late and wake up late. But considering that for now, it is only my wife and I who live in the house, I have to wake up early in the morning just to turn off the night lights and water the plants.

At least I get to wake up on my own accord and not because of some external disturbance. The neighboring dog’s bark is bearable so it is all good.

The coming days will be very busy for us. Blessing will be by next weekend and the place still lacks so many things. Yes, slowly and surely we will get there.

Despite everything I am very happy and proud of myself for accomplishing one of my goals in life, that is to have a house of my own using my own earnings. I am not rich. Yet, I persevered and managed to earn just enough to make this dream a reality.

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