Pentatonix Concert In Cebu This June 7, 2015


Yeeeehaaaaw! I could not believe at first when I read the news that Pentatonix is coming to Cebu for a concert!

I mean, what the … for real?!?!? My wife was asleep when I had to wake her up and her eyes just opened wide when she read the headline about the concert.

Pentatonix is a very good a cappella singing group and I promised myself beforehand that if they ever plan to hold a concert in Cebu, I will definitely watch it!

Does not matter if I am going to pay for it because I know it will be worth it.

Heck, the last time I paid for a concert was way back in college ha ha! I did watch some concerts after that but they were all freebies. I am not sure if I can get a freebie this time but regardless, if I cannot find one I won’t mind paying for it.

As I said, it will be worth it!

Oh yeah, the concert will be on June 7, 2015 at the Waterfront hotel. Prompting strong ticket sales for their Manila concert, they decided to expand their Pentatonix #‎OnMyWayHomeProject Tour to the Queen City of the South.

See you Pentatonix! Can’t wait!

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Globe’s Fair Usage Policy Is … No Comment ^_^

turtleLOL. I finally decided to subscribe a DSL line with Globe because we transferred location and we could not bring our existing DSL subscription with us since my father in law still wants to use it.

While my DSL subscription before was a 1MB unlimited plan, Globe has now scrapped all unlimited plans for new subscribers.

This is all in part to its so called UNfair Usage Policy which states that this policy is designed to reduce the speeds of only the 3% of users who are responsible for generating large volumes of traffic on your network which greatly impacts the service we offer to other paying subscribers.

These customers often have file-sharing software or peer-to-peer/torrent apps on their phones or tablets, and download large-format files such as music, videos and movies consistently.

Okay. 3%. What the hell? They simply use this pathetic excuse as a means to justify why their Internet connection is slow.

Philippine Internet is just plain slow because the telcos suck. That’s it.

20GB/month? 30GB/month? Hell, 1GB/day won’t even cut it. Say I am not downloading movies. Even playing online games can consume 1GB quite quickly. This only goes to show how pathetic their service is.

If they are so concerned on those few who eat up their bandwidth because of torrents, why not set a fair cap? Maybe like 50GB/month for the lowest plan.

They must be idiots thinking streaming is different from downloading movies. Or they must be idiots thinking end users are idiots by setting these ridiculous caps and letting users know that the small cap/month is enough to watch movies.

Hell, they really want me to watch low quality movies? Pffft! Sure. My 5MB plan can let me watch high quality ones but what happens after I go beyond the cap? Low quality movies? No way!

Plus it is funny how their staff duped me into subscribing for one. I actually wondered why one of the plans has a small detail saying that there is an extra 50GB allowance in case I reach the cap. I was mighty suspicious of this because why not add it to the main subscription detail in the first place?

The Globe staff said it is what it is. So when the tech support people came to my place to set up my DSL, I asked them the same question only to be told that the allowable 50GB cap is only temporary.

The hell?!?

I went back to the Globe store in Ayala Cebu to ask the same staff if he ever told me it was temporary. He told me ‘yes’. Wowwwwwww. Talk about saying the right thing to avoid customer lashing.

If he had told me about it, I would not have subscribed right away. I would definitely have checked out PLDT’s plans to see which one is better. But since the plan with Globe that I subscribed to had a 20GB/month cap + the allowable 50GB/month extra, I thought that 70GB/month is fair enough.

Boy … was I duped big time. And this is why in the Philippines, even when it is the staff’s fault when they misinform customers, it is the customers who bear the brunt of the problem because they get stuck with locked-in periods.

Fair usage policy? That is a mighty big baloney! As I said, this policy is only meant to shield telcos from accepting the fact that their Internet service is crap.

Want evidence? Check out where the Philippines stands in terms of Internet connectivity speed.

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Searing Heatwave 2015

sweat_smileyI know for a fact that this year’s summer is the hottest ever. Almost every night I sweat while asleep. I sure remember this never happened that often before.

It only showed just how badly the weather is nowadays during summer. And it is still the early party of April.

Even the airconditioner could not overlap the humid and hot weather that persist throughout the night. The only time the weather gets a bit okay is around an hour or two when it gets around 4 or 5:00 AM.

This time also, it could probably get worse since the country is starting to experience the effects of El Niño. When this happens, rains will cease to happen. If it does, it usually is called a miracle.

And when this happens, dams get drained which means cities will experience rotational power outage for hours. Good for those people who work in offices because generators help but once people get home, they will bear the uncomfy feeling of really hot weather.

Call it global warming. Call it whatever you will. One thing is certain, this is going to get worse every coming summer.

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