Tattoo Regret

There will be many people who start considering tattoo removal after a few years. As tattooing grows in popularity, there are more people suffering from some form of “tattoo regret,” whether this is related to one particular tattoo, or tattooing as a whole. In any case, your best option for tattoo removal will be Tataway […]

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Why Truck Drivers Should Make Getting Enough Sleep a Priority

Good sleep is important for everyone. It is essential for good health. Sleep is just as important for the human body as is eating the right foods, drinking enough water, and getting sufficient exercise. While a person sleeps, the human body is busy preparing itself for the next day. If a person does not get a proper amount of sleep, the effect is that their reaction time become slower, their temperament becomes bad, and their cognitive abilities become impaired. Also, they are more inclined to get sick, they fight high blood pressure and diabetes, and they are at higher risk for obesity.

Getting sufficient sleep is especially important for truck drivers. It is important that truckers take the time to learn more about the way a lack of sleep can affect their health. Trucking by its very nature is demanding. Truck drivers have to deal with a lot of stress, including the stress of making sure that they keep to their schedule, the stress of dealing with inclement road conditions, and the stress of dealing with drivers who do not always understand the way that trucks operate on the road. If a truck driver does not get enough sleep, they may not react quickly enough to an emergency situation that presents itself on the road, or they might be in a uncharacteristically bad mood, which will cause them to react negatively to a situation that they otherwise would have ignored.

Trucking is an industry that works 24 hours a day seven days a week. For this reason, many truck drivers have a schedule that makes it difficult for them to get sufficient sleep. Most over the road truckers drive at night because it is easier for them to navigate the freeways because they are empty. Even with that being the case, truck drivers must be diligent about making sure that they get enough sleep. Their life and the lives of other people on the road depend on this.

A major factor in a truck driver getting sufficient sleep is finding a good sleeping environment. Many truckers will have to sleep in the cab of their vehicle or in their trailer. So it is important that they find a safe yet quiet spot to park. To get the most out of their sleep, they should block out all light by closing curtains, truck shades, and by using an eye mask. Sounds can also be blocked out by using a white noise machine or earplugs. It may require extra effort for truckers to get the sleep they need. However, the benefits to their health and the health of others makes the effort worth while.

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Why I Wanted Duterte To Run This 2016

When it comes to Duterte, people instantly think of the low crime rate that Davao City has experienced over the years. If he can reign in as president of the country and apply that same result to most, if not all cities, then the better, right?

Even I would instantly vote for him if he decided to run. Sadly, he recently announced that he would not. And even though some people still hold out hope that he may change his mind, I have not held out any hope that he would decide to run as president this coming 2016 election.

If only …

I got robbed in broad daylight before so I already had first hand experience on the fear that I felt when that incident happened. Hell, even the police did nothing much once I reported it to them. One of them actually had me ride with him on his motorcycle to go around a well known place that the thieves live in. Imagine more fear came into me wondering if ever I would see those same robbers suddenly pulling a gun or knife if we encounter them. That alone made me conclude the police is hopeless.

Plus, the fact that I see the same set of thieves riding in the jeepney in the same route speaks volumes that there is something wrong with the security in the city. Why can’t they do something about it? I am sure Duterte will. Which is why so many people were clamoring for him to run for president.

Oh yeah, there is also the thing about no smoking in Davao? I definitely would love that. I hate people who puff out smoke without any regard as to where it will go. So many people smoke knowing there are people behind them. I hate it even more if they smoke inside jeepneys.

I would definitely love a smoke free city like in other cities in the U.S. Smoking is crap. It is junk and there is no reason why you cannot avoid it. If I can, why can’t you?!

Overall, Duterte’s strong willed and fearless personality is what most people want in a leader. Knowing that corruption is rampant in the country that it comes as no surprise if people want to migrate abroad, the country needs a leader who will stand up for the people and who is not afraid of any threats made against him.

Bring back the death penalty? Why not. But that is up for debate. However, those obviously caught in the act can surely get the death penalty.

It was tough knowing Duterte decided not to run anymore. For awhile there, he gave a little hope. Sadly, guess it was not meant to be.

I would have wanted Aquino to run again too!

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