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Cebu Life: Talamban Barangay Tanods And the Captain Do Not Enforce Discoral Rules. WTF!

Yes. you read it right. Crap. They are supposed to be the local enforcers within the barangay but instead, they do not enforce simple laws like until what time annoying discorals should be allowed.

Anybody wanting to blast out music to neighboring areas should respect the rule of law: 12 midnight on weekdays and 2AM on weekends (Friday and Saturday). But what happens? Hell, they let these stupid discorals play their music even until the next morning.

Yes. The next morning. Can you believe that?!? Although I have to admit that in my experience Talamban discorals are second since the latest time I heard it last play was around 6:00AM the most. Barangay Apas was the worst since they still played it until 7:00AM.

And hell no, these often happen when there are events that the barangay holds. If it ends early, then that is what is called a miracle. They simply have no respect to people around them when these people are the ones paying for their salaries.

That is actually the equivalent of not doing their jobs.

So BOO! BOO to all tanods especially the barangay captain for doing a lousy job on this. Such a simple law and it cannot be enforced. How pathetic! 😛

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