Mold Problems? Remove Mold And Mildew Safely

Mold is an unpleasant fungal growth that can lead to serious health, and it is an extremely common problem in homes all around the world. Unfortunately, some of the mold removing chemicals available over-the-counter cause more harm than good and contain toxic ingredients. If you’re looking for a safer option to mold remediation in Bethesda, […]

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Why I Am Voting For Duterte This 2016 Election

Last night, I made a short Facebook post about my reasons for choosing Duterte as my president this coming 2016 election and why I have no interest in voting his rival presidential candidates. I had to make the post short since even I find it tedious to read a very long article in just one Facebook post. Worse, in just one post.

Before I start off, if there may be anything in my post that you will disagree on, there is no problem with me voicing your opinions. But if you plan to curse or bash me just because you cannot accept that I am voting for Duterte and even for whatever lame or tiny reason you believe makes him not fit to become President, then I only have one thing to say to you.


If people say something as to why their preferred candidate should be president, respect their opinions. It is just sad that I get to read people berate others’ opinions thinking they are like Gods whose opinions are only the correct ones. These people make themselves look like bigots instead.

So anyway, why does Duterte get my vote?

I like how Duterte speaks his mind, straight to the point. Sure, sometimes he can draw flak with stuff that he says but that is just his personality. People look at politicians as clean role models but in reality, many of us are fed up with the fake persona. Majority of these politicians are fake and corrupt.

The only other presidential candidate whose personality comes close to Duterte is Miriam Santiago. They are both frank. Miriam is actually my second choice after Duterte but considering Miriam’s health is an ongoing issue, I am glad Duterte decided to run for the Presidency.

We need discipline. Badly. Laws need to be enforced. What good are our laws if they just get ignored because nobody wants to enforce it?!

I also like how Duterte’s simple rules in Davao are enforced. No smoking in public places, even more so in jeepneys. I hope this gets implemented in all cities. Just like New York where there are only few approved places where people can smoke. It is only fitting that those who puff out smoke get to be the ones to inhale it back. So smoke all you want inside an enclosed room. I do not care! And those people smoking in front besides the jeepney driver? Hell, Cebu does not even enforce it.

Some people are complaining on Duterte’s plan to place a limit on establishments opening at night as well as the time beers can be served. I have no problems with this and regardless if this pushes through or not, this is really not the issue. If there will be drunkards, they should face the consequences by getting jailed for a long time.

A long time  may sound harsh but as I said, we need discipline! We have too much freedom that people abuse it to the point that we are not disciplined anymore.

I love his plans to change our economic system from capitalism to federalism. Go look up what capitalism is if you have no idea what it is.  I also like how he wants to scrap contractualization. This is how many large business owners get richer.

And the main reason why I will vote for him? Security. Criminals need to be punished. I do not see any reason why someone who gets jailed, released and commits a crime be sent back to jail. I support his decision on reviving the death penalty. This is a debatable issue but to start with, why not apply it to those where evidences are so obvious?

His promise for a 3-6month time frame in wiping out corruption and criminality may sound far-fetched. He may have a plan, who knows. But what I do know is that he has conviction and determination in making this possible. Duterte got criticized for this too good to be true promise, alright. But only because his rivals are scared stiff to do it themselves and get blamed for it if it would not happen.

I stopped voting after former President Estrada’s time because I gave up hope with the things that had happened after that gave me the realization that there was no hope for the country. But during President Aquino’s time, it gave me some semblance of hope because for me he did a good job reviving the economy and implicating corrupt officials.

I decided to register again in hopes of ensuring that Binay will not win the Presidency. And I am glad that I did even more so after Duterte decided that he will indeed run for President.

I want Duterte to win. I want him to curb criminality, stop drugs and lead a clean government. I do not mind paying taxes. But I do mind when I learn that the people’s taxes end up in politicians’ pockets while their families are spending our hard earned money off to paradise.

There are many other things worth mentioning but for me, these are the most important reasons why my vote goes to him. Yes, Digong has flaws. But I believe he is the best among the candidates.

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Make it Easy to Steer Clear Or Hazards In Your Side-By-Side

If you’re traveling the back forty in a side-by-side, then you know how much fun it is to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. However, the ride can be a bit bumpy at times, and it’s particularly rough if you’re driving over frozen or rocky terrain. The great news is that you can avoid the hazards on the ride and make your vehicle look incredible with a high lift suspension system.

Body Versus Suspension
With some types of properties, your main concern may be just getting more clearance between the body of your vehicle and the rocky ground. Keep in mind that there is a difference between a suspension lift kit and a body lift kit. With the body kit, you’re giving yourself a few extra inches of space so that you can install larger tires or steer clear of most rocks with ease. When you install a suspension lift kit, you can improve your ground clearance by as much as 18 inches. This changes how the vehicle rides and handles, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when you’re heading into the woods or over the open fields.

As you give your side-by-side more clearance, you can invest in larger tires. This will help you smooth out a bumpy ride if you’re going over ruts and roots. You’ll still feel the larger holes and irregularities, but the jarring impact will be reduced when you lift the vehicle up and add better tires to the mix.

Enjoy the View
Lift up the vehicle and you literally get a better view. This is vital if you use your side-by-side to keep an eye on your cattle or run errands on a large ranch, but it’s also important if you just like to drive around in the woods for fun. Learn more here about lift kits and how they can transform your experience.

Finally, your lifted side-by-side will truly be safer from hazards that you encounter while on the trails. Rather than trying to go all the way around a large rock or other obstacle, you can simply straddle it and go right over the problem. You’re going to love how it looks, and you’ll also make your machine stand out from the competition.

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