The Joy To Write

September 11th, 2014 / No Comments » / by wuhtevah

It is now 6 years and running since I first started blogging and I fear that my life as a blogger may come to an end soon.

I enjoy blogging. I love writing about anything. But my motivation stems from the fact that I can also monetize my sites while I blog.

Sad fact is that sponsored posts is on the decline. Google has been stepping up their link building penalties on sites that offer such services.

I don’t blame Google. They pretty much can do whatever they want since the Google Page Rank system is theirs so whatever rules they want to put in place, others will have to live with it.

The problem with this scenario is that I depend on my blog sites’ annual server fees from the money I get to earn through sponsored posts or donations.

Donations are scarce and sponsored posts make up the bulk of my extra earnings. And now, they look to be in peril.

I really do not want my sites to be offline for the reason that I will not be able to shoulder the costs in the near future. For now, I take whatever offers I can just to earn a little so I would have a little bit of something to pay for the server costs when my subscription period ends.

Writing is fun. Well, typing that is. On anything that I can think of out of the fly. I really wish my blogging life will persist through the years.

Right now, I will just take it one day at a time and hope some offers come my way.

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You Know You Are Getting Old When …

September 8th, 2014 / No Comments » / by wuhtevah

You know you are getting old when your health related issues spike. Take cholesterol or sugar level for example. It sucks when you are forced to control what you eat in case those levels spike.

And just last week, I found out my cholesterol level was at an all time high. Last year, it was pretty normal and I was surprised that it totally spiked all of a sudden when I had my annual physical checkup recently.

Because of this, I have now paid attention closely to what HDL, LDL and VDL are for. When this happens, people tend to be more conscious and more aware on the kind of food that they will eat.

Even my SGPT level is near borderline so I have to minimize the salt particularly junk food and drink more water. While I drink water and coffee (without sugar) all the time, I cannot figure out why my SGPT level spiked considering I do not eat junk food that often.

If you do not know what SGPT is, it is about the liver. To lower this level I think the best alternative is to drink lots of water and lessen salt intake like junk food.

There will always come a time where our determination is put to the test. It won’t hurt to eat a little. The important thing is to continue your drive to eat and drink as much as possible only the kind of food that are healthy.

Oh, and one more thing. Do not forget to exercise ;).

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The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014) Movie Review

September 4th, 2014 / No Comments » / by wuhtevah


First and foremost, RIP Robin Williams. A few days after learning he passed away because of apparent suicide, I was saddened and surprised when I watched The Angriest Man in Brooklyn that he starred in it.

All of the movies I have seen of him were either comedies and/or fantasies, never the serious ones so this caught me by surprise.

So anyway, about the movie. I cannot really say this was a good movie because Robin Williams portrayal of his character was odd to me since I got so used to seeing him doing comedy scenes and this movie showed him as the opposite.

To sum it up, IMDB’s synopsis goes like this: A curmudgeonly man is mistakenly told that he has 90 minutes to live by his doctor and promptly sets out to reconcile with his wife, brother and friends in the short time he believes he has left.

There were many occasions that I did not get to hear every word his character mumbled because he kept going too fast when he talked.

However, the movie as a whole was not that bad but overall I was not satisfied with it. There were some scenes that were funny like when he  wanted to buy a camcorder and the store owner cannot talk straight. That was pretty hilarious!

I guess seeing Robin Williams portray comedic characters through the years and suddenly watching him in a serious role changed my perception on the movie.

It was also weird because at the end of the movie, he actually passed away while in real life probably a few months after the movie was released, he died as well.

Rest in peace Robin Williams. The movie may have been the Angriest Man In Brooklyn but in real life, you may have been the happiest man in the U.S.

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